Kentucky's Finest Whitetail Hunting Experience

Our Whitetail Hunts

Hunters arrive on Friday afternoons where we provide pre scouting information and take you to your designated properties. We will brief you on movements and help formulate a strategy based on the weather and conditions.

Fair Chase + Low Pressure = Trophy Whitetails

Our hunting is a low pressure and fair chase hunting environment.  A maximum of four hunters will be in camp at one time.  Hunts will be arranged based on various conditions at the time of and during your hunt.  We are large enough in geographic size yet limit the number of hunters so that we can offer you dramatically different hunting experiences during your 5 day hunt.  Each hunter will be provided topography maps with updated scouting intelligence along with natural travel, bedding and funnel areas marked.

big whitetail buck making a scrape
Semi-Guided Whitetail Hunts

Whitetail Hunts

Our hunts are semi-guided.  Stands are strategically located based on current feeding and bedding conditions at the time of your hunt.  Additionally, based on current deer movements and hunting choice, we will discuss with you strategies and will work with you to make adjustments.  You will be shown the areas and fully briefed on what is happening within the specific grid you will be hunting.  We do encourage hunters to bring their own stands based specifically on their individual preferences.

Minimum Scores help for Future Trophies

We do have a minimum score of 125 or 15” spread in order to allow our deer to grow.

A True Whitetail Hunting Experience


One cannot fully predict the habits and movement of wildlife.  It is our goal to provide you with the best opportunity to see and harvest a quality deer.  We offer an area with all the right ingredients, food, safe areas, and quality deer concentrations in an effort for you to harvest a quality deer.  We can predict and control your lodging; we cannot control the movements of deer.  Some of our areas with the least deer concentrations grow the largest deer.  We are not a shooting gallery and structure our hunts for those looking for a trophy deer and willing to take the chance of not harvesting a deer but creating great memories should that trophy deer not present itself.

Hunt Packages


velvet whitetail buck in kentucky
Velvet Whitetail

Velvet Whitetail

Sept 3 – Sept 7
5 Days

Experience Kentucky Velvet Whitetails the first week of the season!  A unique experience for any whitetail hunter.  *The opener is later this year by a week, roughly 50% of the bucks will be out of velvet by this time.



whitetail buck in at North Fork Outfitters in Kentucky
Rut Bowhunts

Rut Bowhunts

Oct 25 – Nov 10
Any 5 Days

Kentucky’s archery season affords some excellent opportunities at trophy deer. From the Velvet Whitetail hunt in early September, through the Rut, and into Late Season, the opportunities are endless.




Firearms Season

Firearms Season

Nov 12 – Nov 16
5 Days

Offering 5 day hunts during this timeframe, the Kentucky Firearm season starts right when the whitetail rut is the hottest.  This is one of the best times of the year to be in the woods, and with the added range, your opportunity at a trophy has never been greater.


Remaining Rifle 5 Day – $3500


kentucky gun season opener
Late Muzzle Loader

Late Muzzle Loader

Dec 10- Dec 18
5 Days

The Early and Late muzzle loader seasons in Kentucky are great opportunities to catch deer in the pre and post rut time frames, when does are hammering the food sources, and bucks are on the move checking for the first and last does in heat.


old musket leaning against a wall in Kentucky at North Fork Outfitters

We’ll provide the hunt of a lifetime.

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