What makes North Fork Outfitters Unique

We pride ourselves on not only providing phenomenal hunting opportunities, but also on offering a truly unique experience.  Hunting in historical Lewis County Kentucky offers a vast history, with the rolling hills and seemingly un-explored wilderness setting for a hunt unlike most.

whitetail buck in kentucky

Lewis County Trophy Bucks

Our first desire is to provide you with a 100% fair chase opportunity in an area of Kentucky where more state records have come from than any other place in the state.  Lewis County has consistently been a top producer of top 10 trophy bucks annually in Kentucky.  A farm we hunt scored the 2009 state typical record at 187, as well as being as one of seven from Lewis County that have broken into Kentucky’s top 100 typicals of all time. The statistics tell the story.  Five of the largest fifteen typicals of all time from Kentucky have come from Lewis County.  This represents 35%.  Four of those came from a 7 mile radius which is where we hunt.  Of the top fifteen largest non-typicals of all time from Kentucky, three have come from Lewis County.  This represents 20%.  Secondly, the county has more typicals and non-typicals in the top 100 than any other county in the state. In summary, 5% of the top 100 typicals and 7% of the non typicals in the state have come from our area.  Having this opportunity along with a comfortable relaxing place to stay sets the tone for a great experience.

Country Style Experience

Secondly, it is our desire for your hunt to be more than just a hunt, but an experience.  On site you will see our Sugar Shack where we produce sweet sorghum syrup in the fall and maple syrup in the spring.  We smoke cheeses on the farm and have the facility to cure our own country hams and make our our sausages and meats.  Antique single cylinder engines are on display along with stone gristmills and other antique equipment that bring the past alive.   All of this surrounds the restored classic hewn log cabin built by the pioneers who settled in our area.

Heritage and Tradition

We are proud of our heritage, what our land gives to us and the traditions that Kentucky offers.  Please come and share in our rural heritage and the opportunity to harvest a trophy buck.  Should you be successful and you harvest a trophy early, we hope you stay and relax on our farm for the remainder of your stay an enjoy our area of the Bluegrass state.

We’ll provide the hunt of a lifetime.

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