Who We Are

Over 30+ Years Experience

Nestled in the foothills of Kentucky is a place where time stands still, traditions rule the way of life, and hunting is our connection to our forefathers. The last century has been a time of restoration of the native wildlife that once ruled the rolling hills of Kentucky. Native Americans called Kentucky the “Happy Hunting Ground”. Daniel Boone and his hunting parties always found the lands of Kentucky where they ventured to be bountiful of wildlife and large deer herds.

What brought Daniel Boone and the Native Americans is the same thing bringing hunters to Kentucky, large deer herds with giant whitetail bucks. The word is out, the statistics don’t lie, there are trophy bucks in our woods. Located on the boundary waters of the North Fork of the Licking River separating Fleming and the trophy deer famed Lewis County is where we call home and serves as base camp. We will offer hunting opportunities in the tri-county area of Lewis, Mason and Fleming Counties of Kentucky. Land that is strictly managed and routinely sees Boone & Crocket deer is being opened up to be shared by a select few.

Michael Mineer – Owner Operator

big whitetail buck making a scrape

Where we hunt

Our properties consist of over 4000 acres with great diversity. Some properties are mostly wooded acreage, others are overlooking the Ohio River and grain bottoms and some are adjacent to large agricultural areas along travel corridors. Additionally, adjacent to the backside of our property is a 2,125 acre state managed WMA which also provides additional acreage during the early bow hunts. One of our tracts joins the WMA on the backside of a very remote section of the WMA and is very inaccessible to the public due to its remote distance from designated access areas.

Hunting Opportunities

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